Each year we have special work associated with Peter Brealey's clients.  Client affairs are strictly confidential but there are interesting case studies from personal share and Director interests. Mininvest is an estate of quarry and agricultural properties and Shirley Price Aromatherapy Ltd. Both Hinckley based. 
This year we have an interesting Land Law legal dispute regarding the Phase Two of a Quarry project development.  This has required the preparation of a First Tier Property Tribunal bundle of professional correspondence, documents and reports.
Last week I was in London litigating. In this case I was litigating as a Company Director. Chartered Accountants receive training in law and the compilation of evidence in the form of accountants reports. A well organised and comprehensive bundle is key and it’s as well to limit it to one file as on the day the Judge has limited time for reading so you want to make it count. There are some tricks of the trade to achieve this for example printing correspondence 4 to a page and double sided is still legible and reduces to 60 pages a 480 page unwieldy file of documents and correspondence. A highlighter helps you find your way to key points under questioning. Using a Dropbox helps your team navigate the bundle digitally. In this way your legal costs are well managed as the lawyers can concentrate on the points of law. Here again an accountant is used to navigating tax law and cases so can research the different areas of the law and suggest points based on his knowledge of the evidence to the legal team. A pull up stand displayed plans and numbers to reinforce the paper copies. An 18 page memorandum summarised the points at issue and solutions. Letters of advice dealt with key areas. In this case I was leading on the day with a Chartered Surveyor and facing a top chambers and their team so you have to do your homework and deal good humouredly with the odd fast ball you weren’t expecting! Litigation is always a last resort but well handled can resolve a complex impasse involving multiple parties to mutual benefit. I think we certainly achieved that on the day.  Mininvest 
We provide Management accounting services to Shirley Price Aromatherapy Ltd which provides healthcare and beauty goods for export to 40 countries worldwide particularly Hong Kong and China. Shirley Price